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Besler Aqua Aubusson Textiles, Set of Four

  • Dimensions: 30" x 34"
  • Ships In: 4-6 Weeks
  • Ship Method: Standard
  • Product ID: 23770
The Besler Aqua Aubusson Textiles allow you to enjoy the magnificent gardens of Prince Bishop of Eichstatt in your own home. Framed textiles feature Aubusson floral Textile in Sepia on a soft aqua green fabric hand framed in walnut scoop with gold bevels.

Basilius Besler was responsible for the most celebrated florilegium ever published, the Hortus Eystettensis. It is the magnificent record of the gardens of the Prince Bishop of Eichstatt, Johann Conrad von Gemmingen. Begun by the physician and botanist Joachim Camerarius in 1596 it would become the greatest garden of its kind with extensive landscapes filled with flowers from different countries. Upon Camerarius's death two years later, the garden was completed by Basilius Besler - a pharmacist renowned for his own smaller garden in Nuremburg.

One of the earliest records of flowers from a specific documented garden, the work is exceptional in every sense - from the variety and range of flower, over 1, 000 wild and cultivated species from Europe, Africa and the New World, to the quality of the 366 copperplate engravings.

At the request of the Prince Bishop, Basilius Besler began the monumental project of cataloguing the garden in 1606. The drawings were made in situ and from specimens sent to Nuremburg by the Prince Bishop and the work was arranged by the seasons of the year.

The gardens, along with most of the town of Eichstatt, were destroyed by the invading Swedish troops in 1633-34 during the Thirty Years War. The original drawings still survive in the University Library at Erlangen but the printing plates were mistakenly melted down at the Royal Mint, Munich in 1817.

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